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Software development has allowed me to express my creativity by building applications from scratch. I love the learning and problem solving process by meeting with my team to brainstorm solutions for our projects.


Adding a Bathroom Marker

When clicking the Add Bathroom button a modal appears where you can provide the information about the new marker you are about to create.

Using the Marker's Sidebar

A secondary button summons a sidebar which contains all of the user’s currently placed markers, when a marker is hovered over the icon of that marker changes in the map to represent the icon that is being selected. The markers can be edited and deleted on the spot.

Potty-Pal Github Repo:

Creating a Deck of Pokemon Cards.

When clicking the Create New Deck button a form will be displayed where the user can input a Name, Description and Strategy for their new deck. They can also select, a type of energy or multiple types. The user needs at least one type of energy.

Searching for Pokemon Cards to Add to your Deck.

After creating a new deck, the deck will be empty. When the user navigates to search cards, the user is able to find any cards by typing in the name, or by using a provided filter.

Finding the Card and Adding it.

Once the user has searched for a card, when that card is clicked a modal appears with an augmented image and the card's information. In this modal the user is able to add the card to one of his/her decks.

Viewing your Card Collection.

If the user navigates to the view collection section, the user then will be able to view all of the cards he/she has ever added. In here the user can, if the card had been previously removed from a deck, re-assign it again to a deck, or remove the card from the collection by clicking the remove card button.

Viewing a Card in your Collection.

When a card is clicked in your collection, the user is able to see which deck the card belongs to, and if the deck is not currently assigned to a deck, then the user can re-assign it.

Removing a Card from your Deck or Collection.

Once the user has added cards into his/her deck, the user is able to view them if the inspect button on the deck is clicked. Once inside the user can remove that card from the deck, or from the collection as well as making which ever card the user chooses the MVP of that deck, this means this is the card the deck is built around.

Poke-Master Front End Github Repo:
Poke-Master Back End Github Repo:











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